Being driven by creativity and rational thinking, I injected both in my 11 years of professional experience.

To me, design is purposeful: it’s more than aesthetics, it’s about affecting behavior and driving action – towards business objectives. This continuous effort is incorporated in both my personal & career paths through conscious self-motivated learning experiences and constant exposure to new material and ideas to maintain a highly-adaptable mindset.

With an M.A in Graphic Design, my work experience varied between editorial design, marketing, and digital design across different industries which allowed me to gain multiple skills and have the ability to think strategically about my projects.

I am now the Head of Design at Spearhead where I currently supervise a team of designers and oversee Brand Strategies along with Brand Development.

Branding: developing brand identities along with creating visual languages
Brand Strategy: defining brand objectives, purposes & essence prior to the visual stage
Graphic Design: creating on-brand collaterals with a methodological approach