The idea came to be after reflecting on how much we look to the west for inspiration and leadership whereas we have amazing talents across all Arab countries. Talents that deserve to be recognized, by us and by the rest of the world, and I believe it’s our responsibility to put ourselves out there and not be afraid to take part in the bigger conversation. 

Creative Scene is a weekly podcast in Arabic (yes, content in Arabic is needed!) revolving around creativity in the Arab region.

Each episode is an interview with a new Arab creative discussing a new topic such as creativity and trauma, creativity and chaos, creative survival, creative anxiety, creativity and alter ego…

Starting a conversation around creativity is the main goal, no matter where that might take me. It’s also about playing an active role in creating a community that celebrates creativity in all its shapes and forms to build a culture of acceptance that Arab creatives can identify with and share their stories, their ideas.

You check previous episodes on different topics with different Arab creatives here: http://creativescene.me/