SIA | Travel Insurance – Brand Uplift

December 2016

Brand Identity Uplift, Communications Collaterals and website for a travel insurance company that is seeking to take your worry about everything and letting you enjoy your travel.

Working on SIA started in December 2016. The first objective was to uplift their identity to better portray a trustworthy brand while maintaining a fun and curious attitude.

Logo Before & After

A fun attitude had to be maintained across all collaterals and a table of benefits doesn’t have to be boring. It’s another opportunity to show who SIA really is.

SIA’s Table of Benefits

A new visual language was then created to introduce this new identity and start setting the new tone of voice. This was communicated through a fully customized desk calendar with a twist to send to their agents as an end of year gift among other branded items.
The calendar was made from beermat paper material to make it usable after each month. Each sheet becomes a coaster for all year-round use.

2016 Calendar

Another calendar for another year. This time, for each month, interesting new destinations with key highlights. Well, travel is what SIA does!

2018 Calendar

Buying a travel insurance in the region was still not a thing and SIA was one of the first to bring it to the table. A fun website with a main objective to sell was the next milestone.

SIA’s Website – Mobile View
SIA’s Website – Tone of Voice Part of Brand Identity

A lot of things are still happening with SIA and a lot of people joined the design team and worked on some amazing stuff.

You can check their website here:

To know more, check the original case study published by Spearhead.