Wyndham Kellett – Brand Uplift

November 2019

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity Uplift, Stationery for a construction management & dispute resolution advisor firm based in the UK.

The objective from uplifting Wyndham Kellett’s identity was to create a consistent brand that is based on a clear strategy aligning WK’s business objectives with their brand.

Minimal work was made on the logo itself.

Animation by Rola El Ayoubi.

Wyndham Kellett Logo Before & After
Wyndham Kellett Stationery

The heavy lifting was creating the visual language. Based on extensive research and the brand strategy, the brand’s image was to reflect a mature & classic look & feel, one that represents an authority in its field through dark and dramatic library of images and a limited color palette and a slab typeface as a primary font to back all this up.

Wyndham Kellett Brand Color Palette
Wyndham Kellett Company Profile

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